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Expert Rug Cleaning In Oxford OX

rug-cleaning-oxfordLocal Cleaners Oxford Ltd. is a professional rug cleaning company based in Oxford OX, Oxfordshire, providing all of its residents with an impeccable and affordable cleaning service that can handle any stain or spotting removal problem you may have.
We can deal with all sorts of stains and treat even exotic and expensive Persian rug without harming the fibers or damaging its beauty, whilst simultaneously rejuvenating the rug and restoring it to its former glory. The skilled team of cleaners use only professional detergents!

Benefits Of Booking Us

From better looking rug, no dust or unpleasant staining, to regular fiber maintenance, the benefits of using professional rug cleaning almost have no end. This service even has applications against allergens such as dust, dust mites and even bed bugs.

  • Rug looks like new
  • Fair rug cleaning service rates
  • Removing sturdy, hard to extract stains
  • No use of toxins or harmful chemicals
  • Preservation of the strength of the rug

Get your rug clean & shiny in Oxford OX area. Dial 020 3746 8228 and we can send you a team of skilled & fully covered professionals. Same day & urgent appointments availability. No deposits required. No hidden fees.

Rug Cleaning Techniques 

As rug, just like carpet, can be composed of a slew of different materials, it is imperative to pre test a small spot as to determine the effectiveness of the detergent and provide the most optimal treatment.

Dry rug cleaning service - used on sensitive and water sensitive textiles, such as sisal and silk. Most natural fibers also should be treated using the dry method as this will remove any staining and preserve their strength and beauty at the same time. To clean greasy and wet stains, we use a fine dust that is driven deep into the base of the rug with a fine brush then vacuumed out with a hoover along with all of the grime and moisture. This leaves no room for molding and has no drying time, making it a very flexible treatment.

Steam rug cleaning service – is more effective when treating woolen and synthetic materials. They do not shrink and won’t get damaged by the heat of the procedure, but will in fact get cleaned a lot more efficiently. Industrial strength stains such as glue, gum and pain can be removed with this procedure as it binds with the stain, then vacuumed out along with 99% of the moisture, leaving just a fraction to be dried off.

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Book Local Cleaners Oxford rug cleaning service at 020 3746 8228 or filling out the booking form. A 24/7 customer service is waiting for you and your questions, don’t hesitate to ask about our instant and free price estimation that will give you an idea how much our expertise will cost you. Be sure to also acquire about the current discounts and offers we have installed for you. Call today and save more than just money.