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Prices & Deals

With some of the lowest prices in Oxford, Oxfordshire OX and an army of professional cleaning technicians, we are one of the best cleaning services in the region. With 10 years of experience in the business we’ve come to understand what our customers really want and that is good service at cheap prices, and this is exactly what we have in store for you. Simply take a look at all the great deals with have every month and you will be convinced in our genuine interest in bringing you the best we have to offer.

Advantages Of Booking Us

Unlike other services, we don’t charge by the hour, but rather believe it is fair to price our work and not how long it took us to clean a staircase. This is a part of our honesty payment system that allows you to pay for exactly what you want and not have to be charged with additional things – that’s right, we only charge for the furniture or surfaces that need to be cleaned.

  • 24/7 customer support center
  • Modern machinery and trained personnel
  • On time response
  • Same day booking
  • No hidden fees

As well as a lot of other fantastic benefits like constant accessibility to our team, weekend and holiday visits at no extra charge and late night and early morning scheduling. All of this has been created to be as convenient as possible. If you want to hear more about other benefits call 020 3746 8228 and ask our specialists. We cover the whole Oxford OX area.

NB! There is a minimum charge of 47 pounds on every order as to cover the minimum costs to come and leave as well as run the machines.

Booking us

By calling you can book us and get information on our free quotes, estimations that are based solely on the type of work, including materials, gas money and machine rental. The price you are given over the phone is the final one, no hidden fees will be added after you have booked us – we like to be honest to our customers!

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