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Effective Carpet Cleaning In Oxford OX

oxford-carpet-cleaningLooking for a fast and effective local carpet cleaning service in Oxford OX?
Look now further because Local Cleaners Oxford Ltd. is the right cleaning company for you. We specialize in the cleaning and care of homes and offices in the region ever since we first opened for business in 2004. Since then our family has grown immensely and with it our capability to deliver you the best and most cost-efficient cleaning service in the Greater London area. Forget about the dirt on your carpet!
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Customer Benefits 

We strive to deliver you with the best cleaning results, without using toxic or chemical filled detergents on your carpet. Everything we use is safe for use around children and pets while also being environmentally friendly. Using our cleaning service you can also enjoy:

  • Rejuvenated carpet fibers
  • Scotchgard carpet protection
  • Affordable cleaning prices
  • Combined booking discounts

Call us right away - and our 24/7 call center reps can offer you various hot deals and same day appointments. Our carpet cleaning teams are composed of skilled and fully insured technicians. We use modern cleaning equipment and Prochem detergents. With our (Scotchgard) protection detergent, your carpet fibers will be protected from further staining, prolonging the time until the next cleaning. We serve all Oxford OX residents.

Service Details

Your carpet has dirty spots, and you want excellent cleaning? We will clean your carpet quickly without any efforts. Local Cleaning Oxford use modern cleaning methods. See how we will make you forget about the dirt on the carpet!

carpet-cleaning-oxford-homeDry cleaning – is used when dealing with greasy and wet stains on your carpet that are otherwise hard to extract from your carpet. Due to the fine dust used as a cleaning agent, this technique is best used on shrinkage and water sensitive textiles that would otherwise get damaged. Stains from paint, seals, varnish and ink can be easily handled by applying a dry powder, driving it deep into the carpet fibers with a fine brush so it sticks to the grime then extracting with via vacuum. No drying time and to chance of molding or textile damage.

Steam cleaning – is a flat out fantastic way of dealing with vomit, excrements, blood and most organic substances on your carpet. The technique itself is more effective on synthetic or woolen carpets as the fibers of such carpet types can best work with the high-pressure steam. Before cleaning, we hoover the area, then bring the water to a boil and inject it into the base of the carpet, this binds with the stain and makes it easier to extract with a vacuum along with 95% of the moisture leaving only 1-2 hours of drying time.

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To instantly get in contact with our 24/7 customer service, dial  and give us a call or fill out our booking form. They will contact you and make sure that all details of the scheduling are set. If you want, there is also a free price estimation to help you gauge the final price of our cleaning services. Don’t forget that we also have instant chat support operated by the same professional team of cleaning experts waiting for your questions. Be sure to also ask about our discounts and deals. Book your cleaning today!